ALMANAC - USA Commercial Edition  

 BROWNS  Nautical Almanac

  Dictionary of Shipping Terms -Brodie    

  GLOSSARY of Marine Technology


  IMPA Marine Stores Guide

  Oxford Paperback Dictionary   

 THE  SHIP'S ATLAS (Shipping Guides).


 ISF Watchkeeper  - annual subscription

  Intelligent log book

  Visual Passage Planner

  Navigator -Celestial Navigation Software

  MacNeils Seamanship Examiner  -master&

  MacNeils Seamanship Examiner   OOW

  Ship Stability OOW

 Ship Stability Mates/Masters

  Engineer Examiner Class 4

  Engineer Examiner Class 2nd engineer

  Engineering Knowledge

  Signals Tutor

  Petroleum  measurment Tables

  Collision avoidance in restricted visibility

  The Complete  Course  (Yachtmaster) DVD

 Rules Master Pro.  - collision regulations

  Rules Master - Racing (sailing)


 Babicz Dictionary of Engineering  (Marine)

 Diesel Engines - Wharton (K & Y Series)

  Engineering Science - E.Hughes & C. Hughes

 Engineering Knowledge  

Feed water systems and treatment

 General Engineering Knowledge

  Introduction to Marine Engineering -Taylor

 Marine boilers - Flanagan

  Lamb's Q & A on the Marine Diesel engine

 Marine Engineering Q & A

 Marine Engineering Theory Vol.1 Lambert  

 Marine Auxiliary Machinery

  Marine Electrical Equipment & Maintenance

 Pounders Marine diesel engines & Gas  turbines

 Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge - Hall

 Reed's Mathematical tables & engineering


  Vol. 1  Mathematics ol.1  Mathematics  and

  introduction to Naval Architecture

  Vol.2  Applied Mechanics

 Vol.3  Applied Heat

  Vol.4   Naval Architecture

  Vol.5  Ship Construction

  Vol.6  Basic Electrotechnology

  Vol.7  Advanced Electrotechnology

  VOL.8 General Engineering Knowledge

  Vol.9 Steam Engineering Knowledge

  Vol.10 Instrumentation & Control Systems

  V ol.11 Engineering Drawing

  Vol.12 Motor Engineering Knowledge


  Book it right, pack it tight

   Bulk Carrier Practice

   Cargo Notes - Swadi  

  Chemical Data Guide for Bulk Shipment by   water

   Chemical tanker notes

   Draught Surveys  

  Guidelines for Surveyors Pre-Purchase   surveys  

 Guidelines Surveyors preshipment steel     Surveys   Lashing & Securing Deck Cargo.  

  Marine Heavy Lift & Rigging operations

   Ship Survey Audit Companion +CD  

  Steel Carriage by Sea  

  Stowage s  Surveying Marine Damage - 2nd ed

   Thomas Stowage & Properties of Cargoes  

  Verwey's Tank cleaning Guide  

  Business & Law  self-examiner


 captains Legal

   Collisions & their causes

   Commercial Management for Shipmasters

  Economics of Maritime Transport, theory &    practice

   In Command 200 things I wish I'd known

   ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2013

   Law of tug and tow 2nd ed.

   Logistics and Multi-modal Transport

   Maritime law 6th ed

   Mariners Role in Collecting Evidence

   Mariners guide to Marine insurance

   Managing collision avoidance at sea

   Port and Terminal Management

 Port Agency - Latarche

  Port Agenty (ICS )  CD

  Risk Management in Port Operations

   The Command companion, Seamanship    Techniques

  Shipbroking & Chartering Practice

  Shipmaster’s Business Companion–    Maclachlan

 Shipmasters Business Self-Examiner

  Shipping Law Handbook  

 The expert witness

  North of England P & I Publications

 Bills of Lading  

 Bunker claims prevention 2nd edition

  Draught Surveys

  Hatch cover maintenance & operation

 Cargo ventilation

 Cargo Stowage and securing

 Collision avoidance in restricted visibility

 Port  state control                      


   Parallel Rulers (VARIOUS)

 Protractors - triangular

  Dividers - various

 Drawing compasses

  Plotting sheets

 Technical pens (chart correction)

  Pencils & erasers

  Binoculars 7x50 waterproof

  Night Vision Binoculars

  Sextants - various


  Ships clocks , Chronometer, Sextants

                  LOG BOOKS

 Bell book - Bridge/Engine

 Compass Observation

 Chronometer rate

Controlled Drugs Register

Deck/Bridge Log book

 Engine (9 cyl.)

 Garbage Record book

 GMDSS  log book

 ISPS Code, declaration of security

 Marine Fuel, Sulphur record

  Oil record for Ships

 Sulphur emissions



  Admiralty Manual of Navigation Volume 1

   Admiralty Manual of Navigation Volume 2  

  Astro Navigation (Nautical Inst.)

  Australian Seafarers Handbook  

  A Seamans Guide to the RULE OF THE ROAD

   A seamans Guide to Basic Chartwork

   Collision regulations fully explained

   American Practical Navigator

   An Introduction to Coastal Navigation  sailors


   Bakers Position line chart

   Boaters Bowditch

   Celestial Navigation - Mary Bluett

   Celestial Navigation by HO249

   Coastal Navigation -  G. Smith

   Engineer Examiner Class 2nd engineer

   Elements of Navigation - Cotter

   Electronic Navigation Systems - Tetley

   Electronic Navigation - Bartlett

   Harboards' Glossary of Navigation

   Marine Chartwork - D.A. Moore

   NavBasics (3 book set)

   Norie's Nautical Tables

   Passage planning guide - Malacca &Sg’pre

  Parallel Indexing

   Principles of Passage Planning

   Practical Navigation for Officers of the Watch

  Principles & Practice of Navigation

   Reed's Marine Distance Tables

   We the Navigators

                    FLIP CARDS

  GMDSS Marine Radio

  IALA Buoyage

  Code Flags

  Rule of The Road

  Sound & Light

  Meteorology Pack

  Morse Pack


  Admiralty manual of seamanship

  Boatswains Manual

 Boat Work

  Brown’s Pocket Book for Seamen

 Handling ships in ice

  Ice Seamanship – Nautical Institute

  Knots splices and fancy work

  Modern Towing - Nautical Institute

  Nicholl's Seamanship & Nautical Knowledge

 Practical Shiphandling

  Rigid inflatable boat operations

 Seamanship Techniques (Consolidated Ed.)

 Seamanship Notes - Ferguson

 Seamanship Examiner for STCW exams

  Seamanship Examiner for STCW exams

  McNeils seamanship examiner COLREG

 McNeils seamanship examiner COLREGS

  Ship manoeuvering principles and pilotage

 Shiphandler's Guide

  Tug use in Port 2nd  Edition


 A Passion for the Sea - J Cornell

 Bluewater Seamanship - Mort

  Boatowners Mechanical & Electrical Manual

 Bridge Procedures - superyacht

  Cruising in Tropical Waters

  Gone with the Wind in Madagascar

  Handbook of Sailing – Bond

  Heavy WeatHher Sailing    

 Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia -Dashew

  Skippers Cockpit Guide - Streiffert


  World Cruising Routes – Cornell


 Adriatic Pilot

  Adriatic Croatian coast

  Andaman Sea Pilot

  Atlantic pilot atlas

 Atlantic, Spain & Portugal

  Atlantic Islands  

 Azahar Dorada & Blanca

 RCC Sol  & Blanca

  Brazil Cruising Guide

  Caribbean cruising guide

  Caribbean passage making

  Corsica & North Sardinia

  Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands

 Cruising Guide to Trinidad & Tobago

  Cruising guide to the Virgin Islands

  Cuba - A cruising Guide

 East Africa Pilot  - Delwyn McPhun

  Greek Waters Pilot - Rod Heikell

  Grenada to the Virgin Islands Pilot

  Havens and Anchorages  

 Indian Ocean Cruising Guide - Rod Heikell

 Ioannian Cruising Guide

  Islas Baleares

  Italian Waters Pilot

 Manual of Heavy Weather cuising - Jeff  T’hill

 Mediterranean Cruising Handbook - Heikel

  Med Almanac + Cruising Handbook set

  Mediterranean, France & Corsica  

 North Africa Pilot

  Ocean passages & Landfalls

 Red Sea Pilot 2nd ed. Inc. Cd

  RYA - Powerboat handbook

  RYA -An introduction to Navigation

  RYA -Navigation handbook

  RYA -Astro navigation handbook

  RYA -Introduction to Radar

  RYA -Sea Survival handbook

  RYA -Diesel engine handbook

  RYA -Electronics handbook

 Sailors Guide to Windward Islands

 Saronic Guide

  Seychelles Pilot  

 South Atlantic Circuit

  South Pacific Anchorages

 Sol & Blanca 5th ed.  RCC

  Straits sailing handbook

 The Yachtsmans Handbook

  Turkish Waters & Cyprus Pilot - Rod Heikell


 Ship Captains Medical Guide

 WHO Medical Guide for Ships

 International Health Regulations

 WHO Guide to Ship Sanitation


 Meteorology for Mariners













 Ship Survey Audit Companion

  Ship to Ship Transfer Guide – Petroleum

  Prevention of Oil Spillages through Cargo   Pumproom Sea Valves – ICS


  Accident Prevention on Board Ship at Sea &  in   Port

  Chemical Tankers a Pocket Safety

  Oil Tankers Pocket Safety Guide

  Fire Training Manual

  Fire Safety Operational Booklet

  Lifeboat Survival Manual

 Liferaft Survival Manual

  Maritime Security

  Marine Firefighting for Shipboard  ops.

  Maritime Security - Guidance for ship   operators  

 The IMO ISPS Code

  Marine Survival & Rescue Systems -House

 Model Ship Security Plan

  Safety & Health at Sea - A practical manual

 Safety & Security at Sea - Bist

  SOLAS Check List Lifesaving

  SOLAS Training Manual

  Survival at Sea - the Lifeboat  & liferaft

 Survival craft

  SWAPP Posters set of 16


  Elements of Modern Ship Construction

 Introduction to Naval Architecture

Ship Construction - Eyres  

 Ship Knowledge - Dokmar

                   STABILITY & TRIM

 Principles & Practice of Ship Stability -  Taylor

  Ship Stability for  Masters & Mates

                    SHIP  - OPERATIONS     

 Anchoring Systems & Procedures  OCIMF

 A Masters Guide to Hatch Cover   Maintenance

  A Seafarers Guide to ISM  (NE P&I)

  Ballast Water Management Plans

  Bridge Procedures Guide

  Bridge Team Management  

 Bridge Watchkeeping

 Bulk Carriers, Guidelines for surveys,  assessment   and Repair

 Carriage of Goods by Sea - 4th Ed.

  Chemical Tankers - a pocket safety guide

 Clean Seas Guide - ICS

  Code of Safe Practice for Merchant   seamen

Colregs - A Guide to good Practice

  Double Hull oil tankers guidelines for   surveys...

  Drug Trafficking & Drug abuse

 Effective Mooring  2nd ed– ICS  

 Effective Writing for the Marine Industry

  Elements of Shipping 7th Edition

  Guidelines on  the Application of the  ISM


 A guide to correct entries oil record book

  Guidelines to Helicopter Ship Operations   4th   ed.+CD

  A guide to Crude Oil heating criteria

  Guidance manual for tanker structures

 Guide to ship repair estimates (in man   hours)

  Straits of Malacca & Singapore passage   planning   draughts less than 24m

  Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures

 Helicopter Operations at Sea a Guide for   Industry   - ICS

 Guidelines for equipment employed   mooring   at   SPM  

 Guide to manufacturing and purchasing   hoses for   offfshore moorings

Guidelines for handling, storage, & testing   of  hoses in the field – ICS

  Guidelines to the control of Drugs & Alcohol   on   board – ICS

Guidelines on use high modulus synthetic  fibre   rope

 International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers  and   terminals

 Introduction to Shipping Economics

  Jetty maintenance  Guide  OCIMF  

 Liquified Gas Handling Principles on Ships   and in   Terminals 3rd Ed. – ICS

  Marine Terminal Baseline Safety Criteria  

 Marine Terminal management & self  assessment

  Mooring Equipment Guidelines  

 On board training record book - Deck   Cadets

 On board training record book - Deck   Ratings

 On board training record book - Engine   Cadets

 Peril at Sea and Salvage - ICS

  Pirates and Armed Robbers   

 Piracy & Armed Robbery against Ships

  Pumproom Sea Valves – ICS

  Quantitative methods in Maritime   Economics

 Recommendations for equipment employed   in the   bow mooring of conventional tankers   at SPM   

 Recommendations for Oil Tanker Manifold   and   Associated Equipment

 Recommendations for ship's fittings for use   with   Response to Marine Oil Spills

  Required boarding arrangement for pilots

  Safety in Oil Tankers

  Shipboard Operations - Lavery. 2nd Ed

 Ship master's Guide to Pilot Transfer by      Helicopter

 Shiphandlers Guide - Nautical s

 Ship to Ship Transfer Guide – Petroleum

 Ship squat interaction

  Shiphandler's Guide (Nautical Inst)  

 Shipping and the Enviroment

  Single Point Mooring Maintenance   operations   guide

 SPM Hose Ancillary Equipment Guide .

 Steering Gear Test Routines & Checklist

 Ship Squat and Interaction

 Tandem mooring and offloading guidelines   etc.

 Tank cleaning guide - Verwey  

Tanker Management & Self Assessment, a  guide

 Tanker Safety Guide (Chemicals)

Tanker jetty safety -  ship/shore

 Tanker Safety Training (Liquefied Gas)  specialised

The use of large tankers in seasonal first-  year ice

The Work of the Harbourmaster

 Training & Assessment on Board – ICS

 PersonalTraining Record Book (Inwallet)

Training Record Book Deck Cadets

Training Record Book Eng. Cadets

Vessel Inspection Questionnaire for Bulk  Oil/Chemical Carriers & Gas Carriers

 Vessel Particulars Questionnaire for Bulk Oil  Vessel  Operating Economics

Watchkeeping Safety & Cargo Management  in Port

Watchkeeping Safety & Cargo Management  in Port

Miscellaneous titles  Not all of these are available directly from stock.

The list may be helpful


         SHIPPING GUIDES GUIDES                                                          

  Products include the Guide to Tanker Ports,, FindaportCD, FindaportAPI, The Ships Atlas, The Shipping                                       World’s Map and the highly respected Guide to Port Entry.

  We also provide various themed Feature Maps which take into account the latest amendments on topical subjects. These    include the MARPOL 73/78 Map, Maritime  Piracy Incidents Map, Global  Wind  Patterns Map, International Load Line Map,    Ocean Currents Map, Sensitive Sea Areas Map, Standard Time Zones Map, and World Political Map. The Ships Atlas  also    contains an International Navigating Conditions map and a series of 12 world maps detailing the Global Distribution of    Major Diseases.                                                                     

    For additional information click on this link   

   Shipping Guides

Training vessel ‘SEDOV’ leaving Durban


                                              Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers   - Publications

                              Legal Principles in Shipping Business            Introduction to Shipping                  

              Economics of Sea Transport and International Trade                Shipping Business

        Liner Trades                Port and Terminal Management            Ship Operations and Management

        Port Agency  Marine Insurance          Cargoes           Ship  Sale & Purchase              Shipping Law      

       Tanker Chartering          Shipping Finance              Dry Cargo Chartering              Sale & Purchase

                    Economics of Marine Transport, Theory and Practice           Offshore Support Industry

                                       Quality Ashore - ICS History book              





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