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                          International  Telecommunications Union (ITU)

                            ITU List  1V - List of Coast Stations & Special Service  Stations

                   Updated in relation to Radiocommunications including GMDSS(Global Maritime Distress   System)

                                                                      and CP (Public Correspondence) SERVICES

                        ITU List V - Ship Stations  & Maritime Mobile Identity Assignments (MMSI)

           ITU  Manual for use by the Maritime Mobile  & Maritime Mobile Satellite Services

                                        This list to be provided to all Ship Stations for which a GMDSS installation is required                                                  Available  in Hardcopy or on CD.  New editions published about mid-November.

                                                   Radio Regulations (Handbook)

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                  Best quality - widest range  - approved Maritime Signs

Photoluminescent Signs - IMO Life Saving - Fire & Safety Signs -    ISPS - Safety Posters   


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      Approved SOLAS safety SIGNS.



Maritime Progress


 International  Maritime Safety Organization  (IMO)


Contact The Tyneside should you have any queries  or wish to purchase  E-BOOKS     

Bookshelf CD's  which contain the E-Reader software and all major e-reader titles  ready for selecting and unlocking are available free (except postage etc.) from IMO  Distributors.  Each e-reader title requires activation and is locked to one computer.   All license codes can be purchased from distributors.

To download -  www.imdgsupport.com

We will provide an invoice - once payment is made the Activation Code will be obtained and sent to you by email.  Currently - price in GB Pounds for a single activation is 205.00,  for two is 340.00, for 3 is 450.00 and for 5 activations is  6 . You will require  an Advance Purchase  Code for each computer on which the program is  to be installed.  

Tyneside@global.co.za    Fax:   031 3328139   Phone: 031 3328139 (international prefix)

A CD is available from IMO which includes all IMO publications which are available  in electronic, e-reader, format in English with some in French and Spanish.

E-Reader will have the following features:- Installation available from CD without  internet access, advanced search facilities, add your own bookmarks, add your own     annotations, font size customization, printing and copy and paste.

Users can gain access to IMO titles anywhere in the world at any time.  All are exact  copies of the printed book and comply with the IMO requirements on carriage of publications  on board ships (MSC-MEPC.2/Circ.2 1 June 2006) which states "The publications may  be carried in the form of electronic media such as CD-ROM in lieu of hard copies.   Acceptable publications in electronic form should be those issued by IMO or an administration  to ensure correctness of their contents and to safeguard against illegal copying"  Flag States will have similar requirements for acceptance of publications in electronic  format.  

MDG CODE DOWNLOAD - Download latest edition of the Code from the IMDG website (see  link below) - the program must be installed on the computer it will remain on. It   cannot be changed after activation.  During installation the program will generate  a PRODUCT SERIAL NUMBER.   Contact your Distributor (The Tyneside) and provide the  IMDG Serial number mentioned above.

The IMO Bookshelf and e-reader are installed on a PC after which the entire library  can be searched, selected, purchased and unlocked

  The IMO Bookshelf accommodates synchronization to obtain updates such as  errata or free material.  


                                                     On Board Publications    - Tom  & Sue Morgan

      South African Nautical Almanac  2016 - 2017 edition   for small craft on the South African coast.

                 Details and information on all Ports, Harbours and other launching sites  on  the SA Coast & Namibia.             

 Chart symbols, IALA Buoyage, Quick reference Lights & Shapes,  Coastal Lights,  Sunrise & sunset,  Range by dipping light and direction by bearing,  horizontal distance table, beaufort   wind scale, sa search& rescue, NSRI, Amplitude table, GMDSS for small vessels, Radio  R/T Services, Radar  transponder beacons, SA weather bulletins schedule, Navtex, Concise   calculator almanac, First Aid, safety rules, meteorology and sailing  conditions, tidal information,

                                                                                                                      OUTHER  PUBLICATIONS

                                On Board Log Book and Passage Planner          Small  Craft Personal Logbook             First Aid Out There

         Boat Trekkers Guide Coastal - the ultimate launch guide , over 250 sites           How to Pass the Marine Radio Exam


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