We stock the entire range of SAN Charts and Publications. All Charts are update/corrected   to latest available Notices to Mariners at time of sale.   

Charts - Navigation Charts for the Coastal areas of South Africa & Namibia with detailed  charts of  Harbours &  approaches. Instructional chart 3002.

Small Craft and Yachting Small craft charts - Saldanha Bay & Langebaan Lagoon, Cape   Deseada to Yzerfontein, Yzerfontein to Cape Hangklip, False Bay to Cape Agulhas, Cape St. Francis to Bird Island, Durban to Richards Bay. These include Harbours, Marinas & information for small craft.  Yachting charts available for Vaaldam and  Langebaan Lagoon.

List of Lights & Fog Signals HO1 - Information on the Navigational aids on the coasts  of Namibia and South Africa. Radio Services for navigation & communication

Chart Catalogue HO3 - Catalogue and Indexes of South African Charts another Hydrographic Symbols and Abbreviations HO6 - Symbols and Abbreviations used on South African Charts

Sight Form  H09 -  To be used in conjunction with Sight Reduction Tables for Marine  Navigation

Tide Tables HO2 -Tide Tables, Moonset for Ports in SA & Namibia

International Collision regulations HO21 - International Regulations for Preventing collisions at Sea.

Electronic Navigation Charts are produced by the Hydrographic Office for the coastal areas of South Africa & Namibia  and are available in the

Notices to Mariners issued monthly and available on website.

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ALL OTHER INFORMATION -A display feature where other information can be selected and displayed Individually as                    determined by the user.

ARCS  -          Admiralty Rater Chart Service - the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office proprietary Raster Chart Service

ATTRIBUTE - The  characteristic of an object as defined in appendix A of the IHO  Object Catalogue .

BASE -CD -Contains the latest base versions of each ENC Cell.

CURSOR-PICK -The process of querying a symbol, line or area for further information from the  data base .

DATUM -   Geodic Datums. Local 'datums' or models of the Earth's shape used in mapmaking. See WGS 84 below and  Datum Shift in                   following line.

DATUM SHIFT - The value of the shift or difference between GPS/WGS-84 position  (latitude & longitude) and that produced by a                   'local' datum eg. a chart datum which is not WGS-84 - Nautical charts are constructed on  one  of a number of Horizontal                   datums.

DNC -        Digital Nautical Chart. Uses vector data which supports supplementary data viz.combat support, sailing etc.

ECDIS -    Electronic Chart Display & Information System. The standards defined indocuments of the IHO (publication S- 57) and IEC.

ECS -         Electronic Chart System. A chart system which does not meet the requirements of SOLAS(Chapter V) & is not                   defined by official standards.

ENC  -        Electronic Nautical Chart. This is the name for  original chart data which is carried on a storage device  such as a  CD

EPFS  -      electronic Position Fixing System - such as Global Positioning System (GPS)

IEC  -         International Electrotechnical Commission

IHO  -        International Hydrographic Office

NMEA-   National Marine Electronics Association.NMEA 0183 v2.01 defines the standard for data communication in marine                  navigation equipment.

RCDS-        Raster Chart Display System.  An ECDIS performance standard which permits the use of Raster Charts  within ECDIS.

RENC -       Regional ENC Coordination Centre. Primar and the UKHO were the first two RENCs.

S-52 -        IHO Standard which defines data presentation on an ECDIS display.

S-57 -        IHO Standard which defines the chart data format and encoding for ECDIS.

S-63 -        IHO Standard for protection of ENC information.  Initial version S63 1.0  latest S63 version 1.1.1

SENC-      System Electronic Navigational Chart. The ENC data transformed into the display system format with objects used for                   navigation.

SHM -         Simplified Harmonic Method. The Harmonics taken from the tide tables and calculated by the program.

SOLAS       The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea.  Chapter V concerns  the safety of Navigation.

DISPLAY BASE-SENC information which cannot be removed from the display & consists of information that is required to be                    displayed at all times

STANDARD DISPLAY- The level of SENC information that is shown when a chart is first displayed on ECDIS.

FEATURE  Representation - eg. a particular buoy.

UPDATE CD/DVD - Issued weekly and are cumulative, contain all relevant ENC updates and   new editions.

VECTOR DATA- Method of representing individual chart features digitally by points, lines & polygons.

OBJECT CATALOGUE - A feature of S-57 providing a description of real objects & provides a list of feature object classes.

WGS-84- World Geodic System 1984 which is a model of the entire earth. Satellite systems require a global  datum  datum

ARCS Charts are digital versions of the Standard Paper Chart and are available  individually or in folios as shown  in the diagram Folios can be ordered  as Full,  Standard or  Transit. The license period is one year.

Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC’s) are produced by the Hydrographic Offices of a number  of Countries and also  by  private Companies.  Only ARCS charts and ENC’s produced  by National Hydrographic  Offices to the  standard  required  by the International Hydrographic Office are considered  as ‘Official’  ENC’s and accepted for primary  navigation when  Flag State requirements  are also complied with.

The Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), installed on board, processes the ENC Data for navigation and in modern vessels  and forms part of an integrated control and information console.  The ENC’s can  also be  used  on  personal (back of Bridge)Computers or PC’s using a compatible Navigation Program.

Requirements-Sufficient official data adequate for the intended passage are installed on the ECDIS. A second type approved  ECDIS  is installed as a backup (or there is a full paper chart backup)

The UKHO is the major producer and supplier of  ARCS and ENC’S for use in modern navigation systems such as ECDIS.

With all Admiralty  Electronic charts/digital products, users have to be  registered. It is a relatively simple Process requiring details of the user.Computer equipment, and the Program being used to display. The Charts/ENCs must be compatible. The first electronic  ‘officially’ recognised charts produced were the  Admiralty Raster Chart System (ARCS).

Please contact us - ‘The Tyneside’  by phone  - email or  Fax for any additional information.


Products available for Training purposes:

CBT231 -Admiralty Guide to the Practical use of ENC’s -  Computer Based Training program, has been developed to  assist ENC users in their  transition to digital navigation. Designed to provide a deeper understanding of ENCs and their display   on  ECDIS, it supports ENC -related knowledge gained during generic and type specific training,  It may also be used to refresh   knowledge or as a reference and successful completion  is marked by an official certificate.  Contact us for assistance.

Admiralty Digital Catalogue:  Is a free download  giving updated information on all  digital products.

Publications available -

NP5012 -Admiralty Guide to ENC Symbols used in ECDIS

NP133C - ENC Maintenance record

NP 231 -  Admiralty Guide to the Practical use of ENC’s

NP232 -  ECDIS Admiralty Guide to implementation, Policy and Procedures

The following links will provide  comprehensive up to date information on  UKHO Products.



Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP)

These Products have the approval of the UK Flag State Maritime Coastguard Agency  (MCA)  and other Flag States - see UKHO website for information.

Price / License Date is based on an annual subscription commencing at date of issue  of initial purchase.  Program available from Distributor (The Tyneside) free of charge.

Additional areas can be added as required with discount on time elapsed into the annual licence period.

These Admiralty Digital products are supplied on DVD or CD  which contain worldwide data sets that are split into regions. Customers can purchase individual or groups of    regions.  Access is provided by a program key. At the point of sale the Distributor obtains  a Start-Up key using software provided to him by the UKHO. This start-up key is provided  to the customer along with the product. The start-up key allows the product to be  installed and used for one month during which time the user must obtain a 'Permanent   Key'. The request for this key can be generated by the product.

ADMIRALTY DIGITAL LIST OF LIGHTS:  List of Lights  (areas 1-10). Additional areas can be added as required with discount on time elapsed  into the annual licence period. 0-3 months 100%,  4-6 months 75%,  7-9 months 50%  and 10-12 months 25% per area.

ADMIRALTY DIGITAL RADIO SIGNALS:These  cover  areas/services of  VolumeS 1 to 6 of  the hardcopy edition.

Customers who wish to purchase additional areas or to  update/renew their licence must provide a User Permit to the Distributor. The Distributor  will use the Ordering Software to request a new program key (Update Key). The automated  system returns the new key to the Distributor who passes it on to the customer with  any new media that is required.

The Admiralty Digital products are supplied on DVDs which contain worldwide data sets  that are split into regions.  

Updates are available weekly on CD or  can be downloaded from the UKHO website.

TOTALTIDE - UKHO Product Code - DP550(areas 1-10) each individual area on CD  

SHM FOR WINDOWS -Product Code DP 560 -  allows user to enter the Tidal Harmonic Constants  from the tables to calculate tidal heights. 

At time of purchase a Temporary key is supplied by the Distributor. User then requests  a permanent key from the UKHO at time of  installation. 

All of the  Admiralty Sailing Directions are now available  as e-NP’s  Including the Admiralty Mariners Handbook (NP100)  Nautical Almanac (NP314)

Compliance - Admiralty e-Nautical Publications contain the same official     information as their paper equivalents.

Most  Flag States have approved the above as SOLAS carriage -compliant

They can aid inspections by clearly showing when a publication was last updated.

To obtain - contact us by email.  If your vessel is already  a  registered  ARCS/AVCS/ADP user the required  publications can be supplied  on your  Distributor account.  You will need to obtain the  e-NP user/starter  pack  first which includes the reader  - CD and Start up instructions,from your Chart Distributor.  For more info - Contact us.

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